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The Society of Vascular Ultrasound updates the society’s position on screening - The Society for Vascular Ultrasound (SVU) is concerned that there is a lack of standardization regarding the performance and reporting of vascular disease screening services.  To read more: http://www.svunet.org/files/positions/Screening_Examinations_03-30-2011_Final.pdf



NEWS: Having Strange Emails From Vascular-Web?

Spoofing is a hacker's way of using our email domain "@vascular-web.com" to send illicit emails that do not originate from our servers. If you see an email with innappropriate subject or content and origin unlike admin@vascular-web.com or gail@vascular-web.com - DO NOT OPEN! We are working with various ICANN (internet "police") to prevent any emails passing through our servers.

Also, with such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, be VERY careful of the content you post. It can be collected and combined with other sites that collect your personal information to spoof or hack your page.

If you follow the news, even Mark Zuckerberg, the developer of Facebook, was hacked and his info was displayed for all to see. Facebook was implementing a new security/appropriate content operation that allowed anyone to see his personal photos and data. See more of the issue here.


SVU Legislative, Regulatory and Reimbursement Issues Conference will be held on November 4-5, 2011. 

This 1½-day conference on the latest legislative, regulatory and reimbursement issues affecting the vascular ultrasound profession provides an excellent opportunity for vascular technologists/sonographers, physicians, lab medical directors, and lab/hospital billing/reimbursement managers to get the current information from those in the know.  For more information go to http://www.svunet.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3352


The ARDMS wants your opinion; Do you think the ultrasound professional is growing? 

To cast your vote go to:  http://www.ardms.org/default.asp?contentID=952



Your musculoskeletal (MSK) sonography clinical expertise is needed.  

ARDMS is currently working to build a new musculoskeletal (MSK) sonography credentialing examination. ARDMS is seeking qualified medical professionals to share their clinical expertise and take the ARDMS MSK Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey.  If you are interested in taking the MSK JTA survey, please click here   http://www.ardms.org/default.asp?ContentID=1028&menubar=1 



Newly Amended Standard: All Technical Staff Must Obtain Vascular Credential by 2017

In an effort to ensure that laboratory staff are maintaining the appropriate level of training and experience to provide quality patient care, the Technical Staff Qualifications portion of the ICAVL Standards for Accreditation in Noninvasive Vascular Testing now includes a requirement related to credentialing.  For more information go to:  http://www.icavl.org/icavl/main/newsroom.htm



Accredited Labs Will Now Undergo Random Audits and Site Visits

IAC has implemented a policy requiring all accredited laboratories to undergo an audit or site visit at some time during their three-year accreditation period.   In an effort to further substantiate continued compliance by accredited laboratories and in response to the requirements sanctioned by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for CMS appointed Accreditation Organizations as part of the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA), the Go to:  http://www.intersocietal.org/iac/news/2010/spr2010_maintainingcompliance.htm



ARDMS Recertification General Information

In 2012, ARDMS will launch a recertification assessment program and all ARDMS credentials will be valid for 10 years.   The recertification assessment program, along with the annual renewal fee and CME requirements, will constitute the three obligations ARDMS Registrants must meet to maintain active status. Beginning in 2012, Registrants will be assigned a 10-year recertification assessment period and will be required to take a recertification examination in each clinical specialty area in which they hold active status. To learn more:  http://www.ardms.org/default.asp?contentID=897




New Terry Reynold's New third edition (Adult) Echocardiographer's Pocket Reference now includes a new peripheral vascular section. To read more or purchase click here.