Concerned About Online Purchasing?

So Are We!

In a survey by ZD Market Intelligence in 2014, 54% of consumers fear payment security as a reason to put off purchasing online. However, market analysts predict over 4 trillion dollars will be transacted over the web within 3 years. The internet is still developing and issues like credit card fraud are already being addressed.

Credit card fraud on the internet is just as possible as fraud at your local restaurant. It all depends on who sees your information. Vascular-Web has contracted with Authorize.Net to handle your financial information. At No Time do we see or have access to your credit card or financial information.

When you fill out your information on the enrollment page, you are then sent to your account page. From there you can purchase courses, change your password, and update your contact information. When you choose to purchase courses, you select the courses and the amount is calculated. You are then transferred to the Authorize.Net site where you enter your financial information. It is checked and if authorized, your transaction will complete and your classes will be automatically added to your account. We are notified by Authorize.Net that your order has been approved and of the amount of the transaction. Again, your financial information is safe and secure. We guarantee it!

Vascular-Web is a service for sonographers by sonographers. We only want the best for you.

Thank you for your support.

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